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The Boardwalk & Boardwalk Heights Covenant & Guidelines for residential & stores. 

Our Boardwalk is an inclusive area, meaning we accept everyone without discrimination. We do ask if you are renting that you be an avatar that appears to be 18+. 


★ Refer a friend who pays for more than two weeks rent and receive $500L 

★ New tenants who pay for two weeks will receive one-week free rent!




On the roof of the store, you will see a rental meter, if it's available right-click and press pay.


When you have found your available dream home and have agreed with our following rules, please right click on the letterbox & select pay.

━   Once paid, you will receive a group tag, which will give you permission to rez items on your land.

━   If you are already inside the group and you do not have a tenant tag, please leave the group, press the mailbox/tier and click group invite.  

━   We do ask for your tier to be paid on time. The rental meters are set up to allow a 72 hour grace period to pay your tier.  Once this time has passed you will be automatically evicted and your items returned.



━   To see how many prims you are using, find your mailbox located at the front of your home, then select “UPDATE PRIMS”, and after a few moments, a dialogue will appear in local chat.

━   If you go over your prim limit, you will get a warning from our system and staff.


━   You can change your parcel stream with your group tag, but please do not change the public area stream.


━   We do not allow ban lines, but instead, each home has its own security orb inside of a key that's located either next to your mailbox or your front door. 

━   How to turn on your security Orb
Press the orb (inside the key), then press ARM.


━   How to add friends
Press the orb + ACCESS + GUESTS + ADD.


# When somebody enters your home they will be given a 20-second warning before being rejected.

# Any griefing, harassment of any kind or any other attempts to make anyone uncomfortable will lead to an eviction and removal from our regions.



━   Babies and pets that have a high script count will need to be placed in the sky if there’s more than 3. This will help keep the sim at low lag.



━   Skyboxes must be above 2000m ~ Please ask our staff for assistance. 


For any inquiries please contact one of our friendly staff

Chad Paolino - Director
MalachiRush Resident - Director
Robby Questi - Chief Operating Officer
AndrasColm Resident - Chief Operating Officer
Paconyc - Chief Operating Officer
Jee Crazyboi - General Manager
G13n resident - General Manager


The Boardwalk

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